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    Solar Control Window Films

    Reflective solar control films offer maximum heat rejection and are of particular use in combating solar heat gains and glare problems. Summer air conditioning and winter heating represent an enormous cost factor for both businesses and private homes. Solar films dramatically reduce heat loss in the winter and excess heat in the summer.

    SLH Tints provide a wide range of solar-control films available in a variety of finishes and grades, with the highest performing films rejecting up to 76% of the sun’s solar energy. Whilst ensuring a moderate temperature, heat reduction window films also deliver additional benefits. The majority of films in the range filter out 99% of UV rays, which are one of the major causes of fading. Continued exposure to UV rays can also be harmful to skin, so an application of window film can bring health benefits, too.

    Why install Window Tints?

    • Reflective Solar Control Films help to reduce heating and cooling costs.
    • Solar Reflective Rilms reduce glare from direct or indirect sunlight.
    • Increase office productivity with less fatigue by installing Solar Films.
    • Reduce or remove glaring reflections of computer screens and white-boards with Reflective Window Films.
    • Solar Reflective Window Films improve your daytime privacy.


    SLH Tints LTD offer a 10 year limited warrantee with any work carried out. By using our services this allows you to reduce your carbon footprint. 5 star service across the board guaranteed