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    Coolkote Conservatory Films

    Our specialist range of Coolkote Conservatory Films are specifically designed to reduce the build-up of heat within your home or conservatory and provide increased comfort all year round.

    Coolkote conservatory film is a translucent tinted solar film applied to the inside face of polycarbonate or glass roof systems. Its metalized surface gives a dramatic reduction of the incoming solar heat by continuously reflecting up to 77% of the sun’s solar energy helping to ensure a moderate temperature. This film not only reduces unwanted heat and glare, but cuts out over 99% of harmful UV rays which cause fading to your furnishings. Continued exposure to UV rays can also be harmful to skin, so an application of window film can bring health benefits too!

    Solar control window film will also help reduce glare which can be an issue all year round. Whether it be the low-lying sun of the winter or the bright light of summer, the sun can often make it difficult to see televisions or computer screens or to carry out other tasks in comfort. Window film will help by reducing the glare by up to 83%.

    If you’ve spent thousands on your beautiful conservatory you should be able to enjoy it all year long!


    • Coolkote Conservatory Films provide a more cost effective soltuin to Glare and Temperature Control when compared to roof blinds.
    • Window Tints and Coolkote Films are quick and easy to wipe clean.
    • Scratch Resistant and Virtually Maintenance Free.
    • Window Films provide high levels of UV protection, reduced fading of interior furnishings, and added health benefits.
    • Upto 77% Solar Heat rejection and 83% reduction in Glare.


    SLH Tints LTD offer a 10 year limited warrantee with any work carried out. By using our services this allows you to reduce your carbon footprint. 5 star service across the board guaranteed