Protecting Your Home Against UV Rays

Protecting your home against UV rays is important in preventing the potential harm and damage that can be caused. UV and Anti Glare Window Films are designed specifically for this purpose. These films provide lots of light control, and although they still enable light to pass through the windows, they work by blocking out 99% of the harmful UV rays. As a result, this protects yourself, your home and furniture from potential damage.

Here at SLH Tints we have been providing UV and Anti Glare Window Films to our customers for many years and so we see firsthand the benefits that this provides. So, we thought we would tell you a little bit more about the benefits of using these films to protect your home against UV rays.


Reducing furniture fading

The most common form of household damage caused by UV rays, is colour fading in furniture. Too much exposure of your furniture to harmful UV rays causes the colours in the material to fade, and therefore the condition of the furniture to deteriorate much quicker than it usually would. Fading and discolouration can be a bit of an eyesore, and can result in you having to replace furniture sooner than you should’ve had to. This can be costly aswell as inconvenient, so investing in UV and Anti Glare Window Films is a good way to save money and protect your interior. 


Making your home more energy efficient

Having UV and Anti Glare Window Films in your home may provide you with more benefits than you realise. In fact, these films can actually help to make your home more energy efficient. Due to the way the films are designed to protect your home from UV rays, they absorb heat during the colder months, and deflect the heat throughout summer. This helps to control the temperature within your household and means that throughout winter you will be less reliant on your central heating and therefore will save money on this as the films will help with insulation.



UV window films come with lots of benefits for your home. They help to create a more relaxing and comfortable environment, and one of the ways this is achieved is by the anti-glare aspect of the films. They are able to control and reduce the glare from the sunlight, which can be a big problem within homes where there is too much light exposure. Glares can be very disruptive to your day-to-day lives, and so our UV window films are ideal for preventing and reducing this and allowing you to live more comfortably inside your home.


Reducing the risks from harmful UV rays

Being exposed to harmful UV rays is dangerous as it comes with risks to your skin. Therefore, having UV and Anti Glare Window Films will help to minimise these risks by protecting both you and your home from the UV rays. Without films, the UV rays can enter through your window and potentially cause harm to you through the exposure. So, we would advise getting these films to keep yourself and your home protected against harmful UV rays.


For more information and advice or if you would like to speak to us about getting some UV and Anti Glare Window Films, simply get in touch with us via our contact page and we will be more than happy to help.

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